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Peonies en' Transit

 I have long explored the beauty of nature’s elements - the colors of a flower, the veins of a leaf, the bark of a tree. I found myself intrigued by the change and deterioration of these same elements. In expressing these changes, I take these rusted found objects and mold papers onto them to capture the iron oxides. These oxides and actual pieces of rust are used in my paintings to connect the natural and industrial environments and to create textures and colors suggesting a sense of fragility in this process of decay.


Artists have long explored the world around them, the beauty and the decay, the hospitality and the hostility of nature. My intent as an artist is to marry organic life with corrosion and dilapidation in such a way that accentuates the beauty of each, blurring the lines between beauty and decay, life and death and the organic and the man-made.  













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